South Indian Classical Musician Vijay Venkat
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Flute Violin Vichitra Veena Jazz Fusion

VIJAY was initiated into music at a tender age by the veteran musician, musicologist, and scholar, N. Ch. Krishnamacharyulu of Vijayawada, who taught him VIOLIN for about 5 years. the family shifted back to Madras in 1985 and VIJAY learnt VIOLIN from Dwaram VenkataSatyanarayana and Dwaram Mangathayaru [son and daughter of the legendary Violinist Dr.Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu]. Later he practised under his father's guidance and developed an unique and charming style of VIOLIN playing characterised by extraordinary fingering and bowing techniques.

VIJAY has learnt Western Classical Violin too and has passed the highest grade from the Trinity college of London and has a good knowledge of the Western Classical Music.

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