South Indian Classical Musician Vijay Venkat
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Flute Violin Vichitra Veena Jazz Fusion
About Vijay

VIJAY VENKAT is a unique musician. Naturally adept at handling several musical instruments with facility, he is considered as one of the very best in the world on the instruments he chose to perform on; Violin, Viola, Flute and Vichitra Veena (an ancient Indian fret-less slide instrument). He has equal proficiency on all these instruments which he performs at a top professional level, making him one of his kind.

VIJAY was born in Madras, South India. VIJAY hails from a family of connoisseurs of the fine arts. His father I. R. Rama Mohan is a mridangam artiste who learnt the art from great masters. A tough task master, he is also Vijay's primary mentor and a constant source of encouragement and guidance.

VIJAY performs on the four instruments with great ease, making imaginative excursions into the rare domains of musical creativity. VIJAY's proficiency and technical mastery on all these instruments, is a rare achievement in the annals of the music world and the cognoscenti consider him a musical phenomenon.

VIJAY is an empanelled artiste of Indian Council for Cultural Relations [ICCR], Government of India.

He holds the Master of Philosophy degree in Anthropology from the University of Madras, India, and also a Masters degree in Music from the Middlesex University, London, UK.
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